We want to remind students and instructors to always use their official Penn State e-mail for their Turnitin account. Penn State e-mails include your Access Account userid plus “psu.edu (e.g. xyz123@psu.edu). Switching to another e-mail account, either a Penn State alias (e.g. xperson99999@psu.edu) or a non-Penn State account, could affect how Turnitin grades and classes are processed.

Student grades in particular are matched with the e-mail listed within Turnitin. Instructors using GradeMark could receive data NOT matched to a Penn State students user ID if students use an alternate e-mail. Therefore we recommend instructors remind students use their Penn State e-mail (e.g. xyz124@psu.edu) within Turnitin.

If you or your students do use another account for e-mail, you can set up Penn State e-mail to be forwarded to that account.

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