If your instructor has informed you that you will be uploading assignments into Turnitin within your ANGEL course, follow the instructions below. If you are NOT using ANGEL, refer to the Student Paper Upload page.

Download Instructions (Word)

Supported Browsers

For best results, please use a Turnitin-recommended browser. If your personal system does not work with Turnitin, then you may want to either use a Penn State CLC Student lab machine, download a newer version of a browser (e.g. Firefox or Google Chrome) or e-mail your instructor for more instructions.

Upload a Document to Turnitin from within ANGEL

Note: The recommended browser for uploading documents is currently Firefox.

  1. Log on to ANGEL at http://cms.psu.edu and access your course.
    Note: Uploading assignments into Turnitin outside of ANGEL could affect how your grade is recorded.
  2. On the Lessons tab, select a link that your instructor identifies as a Turnitin assignment. This will open the Turnitin assignment dashboard.
  3. Click the Information icon to view due dates and instructions.
  4. Click the Upload icon to begin an upload. Follow the instructions to complete the upload.
    Turnitin screen with information and upload icons.
    Click Upload.

View Grades and Reports

Once a document is uploaded, it will appear in the assignment dashboard. You will be able to see:

  • A grade once it is recorded
  • Percentage reported from any Originality Reports your instructor allows you to access
  • Download icon

Turnitin assignment dashboard.
Uploaded paper with a grade of 35 and the download icon activated. No Originality Report was generated.

Use PeerMark to Review an Assignment

An instructor may assign a PeerMark peer review assignment in which students critique other students’ assignments. If that is the case, do the following:

  1. Open the Turnitin assignment from within ANGEL.
  2. Select the PeerMark Reviews tab.
  3. In the PeerReview window, select the Write Reviews tab to begin your review.
    PeerMark Reviews tab with Write Reviews option.
    Select Write Reviews.

Note: Reviews of your assignment will be visible in this window after they are written by your classmates.

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