The Anonymous Grading feature has been enabled in the Penn State Turnitin service. Anonymous grading allows instructors to review content uploaded into an assignment without knowing which student submitted a particular document. Anonymous grading can be useful in some high-stakes assignments to ensure that everyone is graded in an unbiased manner.

To use anonymous grading, please read the information below.

Activate Anonymous Grading in an Assignment

When creating an assignment, click More Options, then check the option for Enable anonymous marking. See the Turnitin Global Anonymous Marking document for details.

Revealing Students Post Grading

The identities and grades of all documents are revealed at the Post Date and time as set during the creation of an assignment. The Post Date is when students can see the grades and feedback from the instructor. Note that the Post Date can be edited after an assignment has been created as needed so long as it is done before the initial Post Date setting has arrived.

Revealing an Individual Student Before the Post Date

If there is a reason that an instructor needs to know the identity of an assignment author BEFORE grading is completed, the instructor can click the Anonymous Grading Button for that submission. A report is recorded for the Penn State Turnitin administrator, but there is no permission needed to take the action. See Turnitin Global Anonymous Marking for details.

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