Basic Support

New Feedback Studio for Instructors
Information on the new Feedback Studio
FAQ for Turnitin
Commonly asked questions about the Turnitin Service
Introducing Turnitin Video (Flash)
Adobe Connect Recording of an ITS Training Session
Student Help Page
Information for students using Turnitin

Account Set Up

Activate Account and Create Class/Assignment
Information on activating an instructor account and creating a Turnitin class and assignment
Student Paper Upload into Turnitin
For students – how to enroll in to a Turnitin class and upload assignments
TAs in Turnitin
Information on how to manage multiple instructors/section with a Master Class

Detailed How-Tos

These pages provide help for certain common issues. Additional documentation is available at the Turnitin Help Center.

Set Turnitin E-Mail to Official Penn State E-mail
Ensure that your Turnitin account user name is set to your official Penn State e-mail to guarantee full access to the Turnitin service
Accessibility for Turnitin
Information for how to set up Turnitin for students with different disabilities
Anonymous Grading
How to set up assignments to use anonymous marking
ANGEL and Turnitin
Information about how to integrate ANGEL and Turnitin
Canvas and Turnitin
Information about working with Turnitin and Canvas
Download and Delete Papers from Turnitin
How to download files from Turnitin – either the original file, file with comments or Originality Report, and how to delete student submissions.
Filter Sources in Originality Reports
How to filter or exclude false positives or irrelevant matches in an Originality Report.
Password for Student Class Enrollment
How to find the ID and class enrollment password for students
Grade Export from Turnitin
How to export grades from Turnitin
Rough Drafts and Originality Report
Avoid Originality Report matches from an earlier draft.
Rubric Import from Excel
HOw to import a rubric into GradeMark from Excel

Contact Us

Visit the Contact Us page to learn how to contact multiple help services.

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