For security purposes, we require that all Penn State instructors and students keep their Turnitin account e-mail address set to their official Penn State address (e.g. This also allows users to log in via via Penn State Web Access.

If you have changed your Turnitin e-mail address, you will be asked to change it back following the instructions below. Not doing so could result in a disruption of service.

Verify/Change E-mail in Turnitin Account

  1. Login to Turnitin.
  2. Click User Info link in top tab.
    User Info link
  3. Change User name field to official Penn State address. You do not need to change your password.
    Note: If you receive an error that your Penn State e-mail address is in use, contact
    User name field filled with e-mail x y z 1 2 3 @ p s u . e d u
  4. Click Submit to save changes

Account Login

Users with their Turnitin User name set to their official Penn State e-mail address can login at with their Penn State Access Account user name and password.

Valid vs. Invalid E-mail Address

Valid Penn State Address

Your official Penn State e-mail is the combination of your Access Account userid plus “”. See example below.


Invalid Addresses

The following e-mail addresses are NOT considered valid for a Penn State Turnitin account.

  • E-mail addresses from outside the domain such as a Gmail address are not valid.
  • Penn State addresses using an alias such as are not valid.
  • Penn State addresses which include  a college or departmental level domain are not valid.
    Note: An example of this kind of e-mail address would be

If your e-mail follows any one of these formats above, you will not be able to log in at and access to your account could be affected.

Questions or concerns about this issue can be addressed to

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