When reviewing Originality Reports, it is very important to review not just the score, but also the sources of found matches.

List of Sources

In any Originality Report, sources for each match are listed to the right of the report. You can select each one to view matched content from that source.
Note: Click the Text Only to view an accessible version that does not rely on color coding

Turnitin document showing 3 highlighted colors for 3 sources - Wikipedia, Enotes.com and Reference.com

Exclude Sources

Instructors have the option to exclude a source (e.g. a previously submitted draft). To exclude a source,

  1. Click the Originality Report button to view all matches and sources.
  2. Click the source in the list to the right.
  3. Highlight the source, then the Exclude Source button in the bottom right.
    Note: Once a source is hidden, it may not be possible to unhide it.

Document with Chile Anglesex source selected and Exclude Sources button beneath

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