The Turnitin-Canvas integration is not yet available for Penn State, although it is on the workplan. Below are some workarounds for Canvas and Turnitin.

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  1. Roster Export/Import
  2. Assignment Export/Import
  3. Grade Export/Import

There are a variety of options for uploading assignments into Turnitin. One option is to download Assignment content from Canvas and upload it into Turnitin. Another is have students upload their own assignments into Turnitin.

Upload Roster from Canvas

Course rosters for Turnitin are formatted as follows – first name, last name, student Penn State e-mail address. Files can be uploaded in spreadsheet format, comma delimited text, or in Word with information separated by commas.

Download Canvas Roster

One method is to download the roster is to download the gradebook and delete all columns except the name and Penn State email address.

  1. Download your gradebook from Canvas following the instructions in for Download Scores from Canvas Gradebook. The file will be downloaded as a .csv file which can be opened in Excel.

Reformat for Upload

  1. Open the exported .csv file in Excel. 
  2. Re-save the file in the Excel 97-2004 format (.xls) spreadsheet.
    Note: Make sure to avoid the current .xlsx format.
  3. Delete the second row labelled "Points Possible."
  4. Delete all columns EXCEPT for Student and SIS User ID (Penn State student email addresses).
    Note: The ID column
    contains a number internal to the Canvas system.
  5. Delete the first row with the column names including "Student" and "SIS User ID."
  6. Use the Find/Replace tool (Control+H on Mac and Windows) to remove all spaces from the Student column.
  7. You should have two columns with the full name in Column A and the student email in Column B. To split the name column into first and last name:
    1. Insert a blank column after the student name. This will be the new column B and will eventually contain the student first name.
    2. Highlight the column with the student names.
    3. Click the Data tab in Excel.
    4. Click the option for Text to Columns.
    5. In the Text Wizard window, check the option for Delimited, then click the Next button.
    6. In the next window, check the option for Comma. You should see a simulation of the first and last names splitting.
    7. Click Finish to initiate the split. The data in column B will be overwritten to include the student first names.
  8. Switch the position of the first name and last name column so that the first names are in column A followed by the last name column in column B and email in column C. See column order below:
    Spreadsheet with Star Trek characters in Turnitin format
    Sample spreadsheet for Turnitin. Student data is ficticious.

Upload Roster into Turnitin

  1. Log in to
  2. Make sure you have created a class in Turnitin.
  3. Click on the appropriate Class name.
  4. Click on the Students tab.
  5. Click on the Upload Student List tab above the roster area.
    Upload Student Tab
  6. Click the Browse button and navigate to your spreadsheet.
  7. Click the Upload List button.
  8. Confirm that the roster information is correct and that the data are in the correct fields.
  9. Click yes, submit to complete the upload.

Once the names are uploaded, each student will receive an e-mail notice from Turnitin.

Download Canvas Assignment Files

  1. Create an assignment which check options for File Uploads or Text Entry as a Submission type.
  2. After the assignment due date, go to the Canvas course gradebook and bulk download the Assignment files as a .zip file and save it to your computer.
    Note: Make sure the original unextracted .zip file is available.

Upload Canvas Assignment Files into Turnitin

  1. Make sure that you have created a class assignment and uploaded your roster.
  2. In your Turnitin account, click the link for your class.
  3. Click the More actions link next to the appropriate assignment and select submit paper.Dropbox More Actions Tab
  4. In the submission window select the option for Zip file upload.
  5. Click the Browse button, then select your Dropbox .zip file to upload.
  6. Click the Upload button to go to the next window.
  7. Each file in the Canvas .zip file starts with the student last name. Match file names with names in the student drop-down list.

    If a student submits to the Assignment multiple times, the most recent submission will be downloaded.
  8. Add a title for each document as desired.
  9. Click Submit to complete the upload.

Import Turnitin Grades into Canvas

See information on the Grade Export/Import page.

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