Turnitin is now available for courses in Canvas. Please see information below.

Access Turnitin Feedback Studio in Canvas

Usage Notes

It is highly recommended that instructors create Turnitin Feedback Studio assignments from within Canvas to prevent errors in synchronization. Accessing Turnitin Feedback Studio within Canvas provides instructors with the following enhanced functionality:

  • It will bypass the need to go through the account activation process.
  • Instructors will not need to provide access codes to students.
  • Students will be automatically given access to the Instructors assignments.
  • Grades from Turnitin Feedback Studio assignments can be posted directly to the gradebook.
  • Courses can have multiple instructors/TA’s in one section.

Before using Turnitin within Canvas, instructors should note the following guidelines.

Official Courses Only

The Turnitin Integration is only available to courses listed in LionPath. The integration isn’t available in Sandboxes or Master Courses.

Adding TAs

TAs MUST be added within Canvas. Any person with Teacher level access in a Canvas course will have instructor level access to Turnitin in that course.
Note: Instructors who attempt to convert a Turnitin class created in Canvas to a Turnitin Master course will break the connection between Turnitin and Canvas.

Student Submissions

Students MUST submit their Turnitin assignments through Canvas if the integration is used. If a student submits an assignment outside of Canvas, the assignment may not be visible in Canvas for the instructor.

Grading (One Method Only)

Instructors can use EITHER Canvas SpeedGrader OR Turnitin GradeMark with QuickMarks to grade an assignment.

Note: Instructors can ONLY use one method only per assignment. Otherwise the Gradebook may not record all assignment grades accurately.

Import Turnitin Grades into Canvas

For some situations, you may need to import grades from Turnitin to Canvas. See information on the Grade Export/Import page for details.

Support Contact

Instructors or students having problems with Turnitin within Canvas can contact canvas@psu.edu.

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