Margaret Christian, an associate professor of English, at Penn State Lehigh Valley talks about her experiences using Turnitin to facilitate paperless grading.

Christian, who has been using GradeMark since last February, said the one great thing about the tool is that it allows her students to go right to the paper feedback folder and view and respond to her feedback. With GradeMark, there is no extra clicking for uploading feedback files, Christian said. Turnitin allows the instructor to save feedback in the same place the student uploaded the writing assignment, and there is an audio record function within the tool.

According to Christian, the rubric function is great as well. “It makes it very easy to grade; you don’t have to sit there and ponder, eh, is it a C or a C+?” Christian said. “Because you’ve quantified everything, and the students have a much clearer idea of where they need to focus their efforts.”

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