Access to the ANGEL-Turnitin integration will end after Aug 11, 2017. Please note that the Canvas-Turnitin integration is now available.

For specific how-tos about answers below, please see the documentation listed on the support page.

Which services are available in ANGEL?

The ANGEL LTI integration includes the Originality Report, GradeMark, PeerMark, access to the Library for QuickMark/rubrics/PeerMark questions, multiple TAs per section, iPad login code, and automated student roster integration.

The ANGEL tool does NOT include Revision assignments.

Instructors must also access the course outside of ANGEL to upload assignments from students (e.g. late assignments).

Can I access any Turnitin courses I created outside the ANGEL integration?

Yes. To access these courses log in directly to your Turnitin account at

Can I add a TA to a Turnitin course via ANGEL?

Yes. Any person with “Editor” status in ANGEL will have instructor rights to create and view Turnitin assignments. Do not covert any Turnitin courses linked to ANGEL into Master Courses. Master Classes will break the connection between Turnitin and ANGEL.

Note: Any TA who has his or her own ANGEL section will also have the ability to create Turnitin assignments.

Can I create a Turnitin assignment from within a folder in ANGEL?


Do I need to add students to a Turnitin roster?

No. The first time a student uploads an assignment into Turnitin via ANGEL, his or name and PSU e-mail will be added to the course.

Can I merge a course and activate Turnitin?

Yes. You MUST merge your courses before creating any Turnitin assignments.

Can I import assignments from a previous ANGEL course?

Yes, with the ANGEL Lesson import tool. But you must make sure all assignments’ due dates are set correctly for the current semester.

If I used Turnitin before, will I be able to access the QuickMarks, rubrics and PeerMark questions I created earlier for my ANGEL assignments?

Yes via the Library.

How are grades transferred from Turnitin to ANGEL?

Once assignments are graded, students will be able to see grades by viewing assignments within the Lessons tab area. To add grades to the ANGEL gradebook, follow the Excel import procedure.

Will I still be able to use Turnitin outside of ANGEL?

Currently, instructors will retain the ability to use Turnitin from outside of ANGEL. Instructors can log in directly to to create new Turnitin courses. They will still need to manually manage student rosters and grades as before.

Can I access a Turnitin course created in ANGEL from outside of ANGEL

Yes, but it is generally advisable to access the Turnitin course from inside ANGEL whenever possible. Some operations performed outside of ANGEL will not be reflected inside of ANGEL. For instance, an assignment created outside of ANGEL will not be displayed in ANGEL.

If you do access the Turnitin course from outside of ANGEL, it will appear in your list of Turnitin courses with the same name as your ANGEL course.

Can Turnitin be accessed from a Group or Master course?

Turnitin will not be available in Groups for security reasons. The tool is available in ANGEL master courses for testing purposes.

If Penn State switches to a new LMS, will Turnitin integration still be available?

The LTI technology allows most LMS providers such as Blackboard, Canvas or Desire2Learn to access Turnitin via an LTI integration.

Can I use the Turnitin iPad app?

The Turnitin iPad app can be used if you are accessing Turnitin in ANGEL. If the course is NOT in ANGEL, the iPad app does not properly function. See information in the iPad page.

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